IIT Campus School & Jr. College was founded in 1976 under the aegis of the Society in a single room in the Estate Office. Prof. K. C. Sahu from Earth Science Department was instrumental in establishing and dedicating this school to the society of IIT Bombay.

The school started off with about 20 students and Mrs. Philomina Jacob was the first teacher who had the rare privilege of serving this legendary school as its first faculty in the very first year of its glorious launching with greater hope, piety & expectations. This legacy was carried forward by Ms. P. Sahu who became the first Headmistress of Campus School and the school moved in the path of success under the table leadership of Prof. Pai from Mathematics Department as Chairman and Mr. Pal Choudhary of Estate Office as Secretary. In 1978 the school shifted to the present building. With dedication, devotion and determination, the teachers carried on their strong shoulders the responsibility of imparting quality education.

In 1982, IIT Bombay brought this school under its elite wings as one of its departments. Prof. Saran became the first Associate Chairman of the newly formed management. He was succeeded by Prof. Aghashe, Prof. Parmar, Prof. C. Chattopadhyaya, Prof. Bose, Prof. A. K. Singh, Prof. A. K. Pani, Prof. Chandra Venkataraman, Prof. Satish Vitta and presently we have Prof. Deepankar Choudhary (Civil Engg Dept.). The school had several times tasted both cold and fire. But the unrelenting efforts and bold decisions taken by the teachers saw a new golden leaf turned off in the history of Campus School.

In 1989 Prof. B. Nag, Director of IIT Bombay started the Junior College section making this school a full fledged Higher Secondary School. Mr. Chandra Rao was the First Principal and during his tenure in the last decade of 20th century the school had bloomed with the maximum strength of around 800 students.

The School is affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education.