Annual Reports


ANNUAL REPORT – 2016 - 17


A.        Academic achievements A. Y. 2016 – 17 :

a.      HSC Board Examination, February 2016 :


The Pass Percentage of students in HSC Board examination was 84.62%  (Mumbai region was 86.60%).  Ms. Agadi Prerana Mallikarjun was topper with 66. 46% marks.  Mst. Suradkar Santosh Rajendra obtained 53.85% marks and secured second position and Mst. Hotta Jagannath Bhagwan secured third position with 52.46% marks.


b.      SSC Board Examination, March 2016 :


The Pass percentage of students in the SSC Board examination was   100% (Mumbai region was 91.90%). Mst. Biwalkar Mayuresh Mahendra first position with 82.40% marks followed by                     Ms. Gaikwad Radhika Ramesh who obtained second position with 79.00% marks.  Ms. Shitre Mitali Rajaram obtained 77.60% marks and secured third position.

B.        Celebrations of the year:

1.         International Yoga Day – 

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2016.  Our School has organised Yoga sessions where students & teachers exercised Pranayam, Mudras & Asanas.  NCC cadets participated in the event Yogasun – a challenge to complete 108 Suryanamaskars organised by IITB. 

2.         School Foundation Day

School Foundation Day was celebrated on 29th June 2016.

3.         Vanamahotsav

Continuing with its legacy of planting trees every year and spreading the message of conserving nature, IIT Bombay celebrated  Vanamahotsav. Students of Classes VIII, IX, & XII participated in the -   tree plantation drive.  On 1st July 2016  Saplings of  various indigenous plants  (including Mango, Neem, Bamboo, Asna, Kadamb, Palash, Nilgiri etc.) were planted.  A Skit on Environmental issues to emphasize the importance of sustainable development for preserving our earth for future generation was presented by Std. XII – guided by                      Ms. Valsala Kumari. On this occasion essay writing, Elocution competitions with the them “Environment” were conducted to mark the significance of the occasion.  Guide teachers were Ms. Nanada Y. Sapkale, Ms. Madhavi Kulkarni,  Mr. V. S. Dubey.

4.         Independence Day

The school celebrated Independence Day marked by traditional flag hosting ceremony enlightening the spirit of national integrity.               Prof. A. M. Pradeep, Convener Administrative Policy Committee, was the Chief Guest on this occasion.  Colourful cultural programme  consisting of skit, songs & speech was presented.  Guide teachers were   Ms. Afreen Qureshi, Ms. Lata Popale, Ms. Tejaswini Pednekar, Miss. Dhanashree Patil &  Mr. Raju Ware, Ms. Madhavi Kulkarni,               Ms. Valsala Kumari.

            5)        Teachers’ Day

On Friday, September 2nd, Teacher’s Day celebration was started with a special Morning Assembly.  Student-Teachers from Std. X & XII experienced the teaching in the other classes. This was followed by Cultural programme presented by students.

            6)        School Exhibition

The school exhibition under the theme of Nation Building was held on                    18th Nov. 2016.  Students of all the classes participated in the event under the categories –

a)         Science and Maths

b)        Social Sciences

c)         Languages

d)        Art & Craft

Students prepared various charts, models, working models in the above the mentioned categories under the guidance of teachers. The exhibition was inaugurated  by Prof. Deepankar Chaudhari –Associate Chairman & Prof. P. P. Datte. Convener Acadamic Policy Committee.  The exhibits were judged by Prof. Srinivasan Gopal K, Prof. Patankar Swati,       Prof. Sunoj R. B., Prof. Shastri Sudha, Prof.  Kulkarni Malhar,         Prof. Rao Sumant, Prof. Gururajan M. P., Prof. Rao Preeti. The school extend thanks to all the faculty members for sparing their valuable time. The exhibition was well received and all judges expressed that such activities should continue.   The Exhibition was open to the Community.  Many parents and other well wishers visited the Exhibition.  It was a great success.

7)        Counselling Activities -  

·        The counseling workshop by Dr. Harish Shetty and his team was conducted for the students and parents of Std. IX to Std. XII on           17th September 2016. Dr. Shetty’s interaction with our students and parents have helped them to get solutions to many of their unanswered questions.


·        In the month of November 2016 the school had organized counseling activity under “CSR initiatives in Schools under RMSA – Aptitude test and Career Guidance Seminar” for the students of Std. X, XI & XII. 

8)        Unity Run :-

As part of the Rashrtiya Ekta Saptah (सप्ताह) Celebration to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of ‘Iron Man of India’            Sardar Valabhabhai Patel, the school had organised “UNITY RUN” on 27th October 2016 at 10:30 am.   The students of Std VII. IX and X had participated in this event.  Teachers accompanied the students and became a part of the event.

9)         Science Exhibition

·        Brihanmumbai (North) District Science Exhibition held at                  Shri Narayan Guru School & College Chembur on 21st to                   23rd Dec. 2015.  Two students Mast. Vishnu Patil & Miss. Shruti Thorat bagged 1st prize  in Mumbai District in Junior group and qualified for State level Science Exhibition which was held at Baramati from         30th Jan. 2016 to 5th Feb. 2016.  In-charge guide teacher                      Mr. Ashish Patil.  Name the project – “Ecoefficiency”

·        ‘S’ ward Science Exhibition was held at S.M Shetty Hight School, Powai from 29th & 30th Nov. & 1st Dec. 2016.  Students                     Mst. Vishnu Narayan Patil & Miss. Simran Rajput exihibited the project – ‘Efficient use of water and Solar energy’  Teacher In – charge          Ms. Usha Krishnamurty.


·        In senior group Mst. Pratik Achary & Mst. Swapnil Wagh prepared the project titled “Sun and Water make Future Better” under the guidance of Ms. Valsala Kumar.

10)      Constitution Day

On 25th November 2015 ‘Constitution Day’ was celebrated.  The programme included  speeches on  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar delivered by students,  floral tribute to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Prabhat Pheri in the Campus.  In-charges – Mrs. Shubhangi Batwal, Mrs. Indrani De & Mr. A Chavan

            11)      Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day was conducted on 9th Dec. 2016 on IIT Gymkhana ground.

12)      NCC Activities –   

80 Cadets (Boys & Girls) of the Jr. & Sr. division attended the 10 days                                   Annual Training Camp held at IIT Bombay from 1st to 10th Dec. 2016.   ANO Mr. V. S. Dubey was In-charge This Camp was definitely a fruitful endeavor for the cadets which will help them in various walks of their life.

13)      Education Outreach Activity by the Bio-Science Dept

On 17th Dec. 2016, Bio Science department of I.I.TB had conducted a program Education Outreach Activity. (Sponsored by American Society) 21 students  of  Std. X, XI & XII along with two teachers      Ms. Valsala Kumari & Ms. Shubhangi Batwal attended the program. It gave exposure to the students to research environment, labs & instruments in Modern Cell Biology.  

            14)      School Excursion

The School Excursion was held on 22nd December 2016.  Students of  Std. I – X visited Nehru Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, Aquarium & Surrounding Places.   Students of Std. XI – XII visited Sanjay Gandhi National Park, lungs of Mumbai to explore plant animal relationships and importance of different plant species.  The students and staff returned home with a bundle of memories that they will cherish forever.


·        Inter School Competitions is a platform for children to show their talents.  It increases their self confidence. 

1.         Mst. Kunal Gawali  & Ms. Amrita Panda bagged 2nd prize in ‘Collage Work’  Guide teacher Mr. Raju Ware & Mr. Vishal Nalgeshi

2.         “शेतकरीण” – lady farmer of Ms. Riddhi Talpe bagged 2nd prize in ‘Fancy Dress Competition’  Guided by  Ms. Ashwini Joshi.    

·        On 13th  July 2016 Police Sub Inspector Ms. Kavita Naik & her team from Powai Police Station introduce “Police Didi Yojana” to Primary Children  where the team emphasized on security of Girl Child in Today’s world.


*          Activity of 2016-17  :-

On   August 2016 a workshop was arranged for students of Std. IX  & X as an activity for Social Service on Health and nutrition by Ms. Nirmala Jinde of IITB Hospital. In-charge teachers Ms. Ashwini Chavan, supported by                    Ms. Shubhangi  Batwal.

*          Science Competition 2016 – 17

1.         8 students of Std. IX and 09 students of Std. VI participated in        Homi Bhabha Science Competition held on 1st  Oct. 2016.  Out of these 4 students of Std. VI and 1 Student of Std. IX are eligible for certificate.  Teacher  In-charge Ms. Usha Krishnamurthy.

2.         Mst. Sahil Patil, Mst. Nanaso Singade, Mst. Onkar Sudrik,                 Mst. Shivam  Prabhavale of Std. X participated in written quiz in     ‘Inter – School Science Quiz Contest’ conducted by Nehru Science Centre on Sep. 2016. They were selected for the Second round which was held on 8th Dec. 2016. In-charge teacher Ms. Usha Krishnamurthy supported Mr. V. Saikrishnamraju.

3.         ‘Aqua Regia’ Time organization sponsored Inter School Science Quiz Competition was held in Oct. 2016 for students of Std. VIII to X.  Four students – Mst. Sahil Patil, Mst. Nanaso Singade, Mst. Onkar Sudrik, Mst. Vargil Stanly  got selected to ‘City Finals’.  It was held at Birla Matoshree Sabhagriha, Marine lines Nov. 2016.  Teacher In-charge     Mr. Ashish Patil, supported by Mr. Arjun Chavan .

4.         In July 2016, ‘Fortis Hospital’ organised a workshop on ‘Media Literacy’,  2  students & Mr. Ashish Patil  attended the workshop

*          Maths Concept Exam 2016-17

In July 2016, Maths Concept Exam was conducted for Std. V and VIII by Brihan Mumbai Ganit Adhyapak Mandal, Mumbai at IIT Campus School.       55 students appeared for the examination.  Results awaited.  In-charge teachers             Ms. Geeta Shewde and by Ms. Usha Rani

*          Drawing Exams

Sep.  2016, 12 students appeared for the Elementary & Intermediate Govt.  Drawing Grade Examination. Results awaited.  Teacher In-charge                 Ms.  Beena T. K

*          FORUM of Free Enterprises

Inter School M. R. Pai Memorial Elocution Competition in English was organized by FORUM of Free Enterprises and sponsored by Godrej Industries Pvt. Ltd. was held on 30th September 2016 for the students of Std. IX & X.   The first cash prize of Rs. 1, 250/- & a book was awarded to                          Ms. Fatima Khatoon of Std. X-B.  The second cash prize of Rs. 1, 000/- was shared  by  two students  Mst. Nanaso Shingade of Std. X -B &                           Ms. Shubhangi Shingade of Std. IX won the third cash prize of Rs. 750/- was also shared by Mst.  Mahesh Kamble of Std. X-B and Ms. Nisha Pawar of       Std. IX with a certificate.   Ms. Fatima Khatoon was selected for the next level

*          Sports Activities

Under 14 yrs. – Girls & Boys participated in Kho – kho, Foot ball & Athletics organised by District Sports Organization held in August & qualified upto Quarter Final.


*          Two students Ms. Darshana Salvi & Ms. Sheetal Jangle from Std. XII participated in Metals and Materials Quiz organised by Indian Institute of Metals conducted at IITB.  Accompanied by Ms. Valsala Kumari.

*          Lecture Series

In the Academic Year 2016 – 17 in the month of July / August  the School has organised a series of lectures of IIT Professors - Prof. P. P. Date, Prof. Anindya Dutta, Prof. Sudhir Ghorpade & Prof. P.V. Balaji  on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology.  This has motivated our students and has  created enthusiasm in the learning process.   

C.        Teachers Activities :

·         Ms. Afreen Qureshi & Mr. Raju Ware attended workshop on constructivism in language & Maths  organised by Education Dept.            at Municipal School, Paspoli. 


·        Ms. Anita Hiregange, Ms. Afreen Quershi & Mr. Vishal Nalgeshi attended virtual class training  held by Education department in the month of Sep. & Oct. 2016. 


·        Ms. Girjia K. , Ms. Valsala Kumari & Ms. Latika Shinde, attended a 1-day workshop organized by BASE at TIFR  on 25th June 2016.


·        Mr. Ashish R Patil (TGT Sci) attended  4 days workshop in July 2016 at Homi Bhabha Centre for science Education on the topic “Science Experiments” pertaining to International Science Olympaid.


D.        Achievements :

·        This is for the 5th consecutive year Ms. Geeta Shewde of Secondary Section won a gold medal in Inter – IIT Staff Sports Meet in Badminton, held at Kanpur in Dec., 2016. 


·        Primary In-charge Ms. Anita Hiregange,  Ms. Ashwini Joshi , Ms Ruby Saimy were awarded “Guru Dronachargya Award” in the category of Primary Headmistress and Primary teachers respectively by Education Department.